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Contracting & Content

Our product department ensures that we offer the largest variety of product that Fiji has on offer.

The dedicated team endeavour to secure ATS Pacific the most competitive rates along with availability to ensure selling Fiji and the south Pacific islands is as stress free as possible.

Tourplan, internationally recognized as the leading software planning and industry support services for international tour operators provides access to online reservations via the internet.

With our partner log-in facilities, we are able to provide a booking facility with immediate reconfirmation of our Fiji-wide services, including resorts, hotels, transportation, sightseeing and inter-island transfers.

Our Content team work tirelessly to ensure that we deliver rates and availability and any changes as they happen to you as quickly and accurately as possible.

Along with our product team we strive to ensure that our online product information is always up to date and easily accessible by all corners of the globe.

Contracting & Content

  • Rhea Monsanto, Contracting Manager - Fiji & South Pacific
  • Samantha Krishna, Content Team Leader - FJ
  • Roshni Singh, Content Co-ordinator - FJ
  • Leilani Kedrayate, Content Co-ordinator - FJ
  • Rahul Singh, Content Co-ordinator - FJ
  • Sherin Naomi Kizawa, Content Co-ordinator - FJ
  • Komal Prasad, Content Co-ordinator - FJ
  • Pritesh Singh, Communication, Information & Technology Supervisor

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